Nanos & Macarons

A few days ago, I read an article in the local newspaper that said, “Macarons are the new cupcake … the cupcake craze is over, and the French macaron has taken its place.” I agree! I’m totally in love with this glamorous dessert.

We went to one of my favorite place in town, SWEET. Michelle and David wanted to eat it all!!! LOL. Red velvet, passion fruit, tiramisu… they have all kinds of colors and flavors! Since we are talking about eating a glamorous dessert, the kids were in Nanos outfits. Simple, elegant, and Sweet.

Kids swimwear:  Nanos   Location:  Sweet  
sweet (1 of 1)-168

sweet (1 of 1)-161

sweet (1 of 1)-150sweet (1 of 1)-146nanosmoda2

nanosmoda9sweet (1 of 1)-3sweet (1 of 1)-195l

sweet (1 of 1)-181sweet (1 of 1)-183
sweet (1 of 1)-176
nanosmoda3sweet (1 of 1)-180nanosmoda6sweet (1 of 1)-173

sweet (1 of 1)-113sweet (1 of 1)-120sweet (1 of 1)-117sweet (1 of 1)-115
nanosmodainfantil (1 of 1)-3nanos3

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